Chag Pesach Sameach Happy Passover

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam would like to extend and say   Chag Peach Sameach  Happy Passover to All of Our Hebrew Israelite and Jewish Comrades and Friends and Supporter who live in The Pan Islamic Homeland  which extends  from Central Africa to Indonesia and  Beyond  such as The  Local Jews of Iran and The Iranian Diaspora who are loyal to The Blessed Islamic Republic of Iran and who love Iranian Civilization and Culture and The Great Iranian Nation we also extend a Chag Pesach Sameach Happy Passover to all of The Hebrew Israelites and or   African Jews of The Pan African Nation and Diaspora who believe in Revolutionary  Pan Africanism and Black Nationalism  and are loyal to Mother Africa. and The Global Black Nation. as The Blessed Holy Quran Teaches us Islamic Civilization grew of of the Ancient Hebrew Israelite State  of Moses and The Judges and The later  Hebrew Israelite Kingdoms of  Prophets David and Solomon. Jewish and Islamic Civilization are one as they both came  from and grew out of The  Spirituality  of The Original Semitic Peoples of Africa and Arabia. who practiced Ancient Aboriginal Islam. which later become know to The World as The Religions of Judaism and Islam. The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of  Proletarian Islam  Considers all of The African and Asian Non-White Jews who live and or descended from  The Original Semitic Peoples of  Africa Arabia and Asia to be an integral part of Islamic Civilization and Culture. we call upon The    African and Arabian and Persian Jewish masses to now  Join With The Pan Islamic Working Class and  The Other Revolutionary  Anti-Imperialist Classes of The Pan Islamic Nation  in The Final Battle and Struggle to Liberate all  1948 Palestine from The White Zionists Invaders from Europe. so that  all of The Long Suffering Masses of Semitic Palestine  Jewish Christan and Muslim. will have Freedom Justice and Equality and Peace at Long Last in a Free and  Liberated Non-Zionist Palestine.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Can Be Contacted at


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