The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on Palestinian Land Day

On The Occasion   of the 36th observance   of Palestinian Land Day The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Salutes The Long suffering Palestinian Arab People  on This Day and we reaffirm Our Solidarity With The  Palestinian Masses on this Day. and we renew our Calls for The Complete and total Liberation of Arab Semitic and Islamic Palestine from The White European occupiers who have occupied Palestine for the past 65 years  with the illegitimate   and illegal Zionist State of Israel. these 65 years have  all been years of hurt pain terror and betrayal for The Palestinian People. as   They  suffered Oppression  from both The Zionist occupiers and The Reactionary  Pro Western Leadership  in The Arab World this year  2012 have seen  The Islamic Resistance organization know as Hamas  go over to the Western camp and betray Palestine with their betrayal of Socialist Syria under The Leadership of President Basar Al-Assad and The Arab Baath Socialist Party. Syria under the leadership of the Assad family has long been the great rear guard  base area for The Palestinian Arab Revolution to Librate   Palestine from the Zionist Setter colonist occupation. the btrayal of Hamas shows once again that The Palestinian Bourgeois Class is unable  to carry out The Historical task of liberating Arab Semitic and Islamic Palestine from Global Zionism. this task must go to The Palestinian Arab Working Class which is the Only Class capable and willing to   go all out and  liberate Arab and Islamic Palestine from The River to The Sea. Palestinian Land Day is important as it highlights the struggle of The Palestinian Rural Peasantry and Rural  Working Class  and their importance to The Palestinian Liberation Struggle.   both The Palestinian Rural Peasantry and Rural Working class   along with The rest of The  Islamic  Working Class in Palestine  is destined to play  the leading  role in the Final  Battle to liberate Arab Semitic and Islamic Palestine from The Zionist Regime and Occupation. indeed all of The Oppressed classes and Ethnic Groups in Occupied Palestine from The Ethiopian Jews to The African migrant Workers  must rally around the Leadership of The Pan Islamic Working Class of Palestine. to win their Liberation from  Racism and Zionism. The End result will be a Socialist Afro Arab and Pan Semitic Republic of Palestine where Arabs Hebrews Christians Muslims and all others  will be able to live in Peace Together under The Leadership of The Pan Islamic Working  Class.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Can Be Contacted at


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