The Toubou Front for The Salvation of Libya Must Unite in a Joint Pan Africanist Struggle With The Green Resistance to Bring Down The National Transitional Council

For the past several  months the Indigenous Toubou People have been subjected  to a brutal campaign of Ethnic and Racial cleaning by Arab Supremacist the forces of The So-Called National Transitional Council this brutal campaign of repression has bought many Member of The Toubou Ethic Group into The Fighting Ranks of The Green Resistance in Libya The Brutal campaign of Ethnic Cleansing of the Toubou   and has also  led to the formation of The Toubou  Front for the Salvation of Libya The TFSL by other members of The Toubou Ethnic Group.  if Libya is to ever be free from The evil grip of White Western Imperialism and The So-Called NTC   The Toubou Front for The Salvation of Libya must Join Hands and Unite with their Comrades in The Green Resistance  in One Joint Pan African  United Front  and Liberate Libya together.  and Restore The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab Jamahiriya into State Power in All Parts of Libya Once Again so that Libya will Once More Be a Powerful Base Area of  The Pan African World Revolution and the Pan Islamic World Socialist Revolution. The Linking up of  The Struggles of The Toubou  in   Southern Libya with The ongoing  Urban Insurgency in Tripoli led by The Libyan Islamic Working Class   along with The Courageous Underground Resistance in Benghazi in The East  will hasten and Speed up The Inevitable Day of Libya’s Final Liberation from  White Western Imperialism and  The Rats of The So-Called National Transitional Council.


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