The Green Resistance in Sabha Libya and The Pan African World Revolution

Reports have been coming in of Intense clashes between  The Forces of The Green Resistance  and The Pro Imperialist Rats of The So-called Transitional National Council  throughout Southern Libya and the  area around The City of Sabha Libya.  The clashes in Sabha Libya have centered around The  Indigenous Toubou  Ethnic group and various Arab Tribal groups who wise to ethnically cleanse Southern Libya of its Indigenous Black Population The Toubou have been fighting back against this wicked racist policy to ethnic cleansing them from Libya.  many of the members of The  Toubou have now  joined the ranks of The fighting Green Resistance and are now fighting for their very survival as a Black People in Libya this past week has seen intense  fighting in The City of Sabaha Libya and the surrounding countryside. as The Toubou fight the Racist Arab supremacist forces of The So-Called National Transitional Council. Hundreds have been killed in the fighting  as The  Toubou have been forced into a corner and backed into a wall as The Racist Arab supremacist forces of The So-called National Transitional Council  do not have any  Place for Blacks  in their version of Libya that they wise to impose on The Country. The  Toubou and other Black Libyans have no choice but to Join The Ranks of The Green Resistance and fight to restore the  Peoples  Power of The Jamahiriya in all parts of The Country. The Pan Africanist Black Power Resistance of The Toubou  and all of The Great Green Resistance  shall be victorious  The Pan-African Nation and The Global Pan-African Community and The Muslim Followers of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad and all of The Lost Found Nation of Islam in The West   must support The Struggle of The Toubou People and The Green Resistance as a whole so that    Libya Will Once More be a secure Base Area for The Pan-African and Pan Original and Pan  Islamic  World Socialist Revolution.


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