The Green Resistance in Libya Fights On

The Noble and Heroic Green Masses of Libya are fighting on against The Forces of White Western Imperialism and The So-Called National Transitional Council  in Tripoli Today there where more clashes in The Distract of The Libyan Capital of Tripoli know as Abu Salim. where for  the Past 8 Months The Islamic Working Class has waged a Protracted Urban Guerrilla campaign against The Rats of The National Transitional Council. who have occupied The City of  Tripoli. since August of 2011 The  Islamic  Working Class of Tripoli has played The Leading Vanguard role in The Libyan Green Resistance Within The City of Tripoli The past few week have seen intense Contradictions between The Leading Rats of The So-Called National Transitional  Council and The Pro Rat Militia from The City of Zintan Libya The Islamic Working Class of The District of Abu Salim has decided to take advantage of The Contradiction between The So-Called National Transitional Council and The Zintani Militia and launch a new uprising within The City of Tripoli Libya. and free The city from The grip of The Rats of The So-called National Transitional Council. there has also been reports coming in of clashes in The South of Libya around The City of Sabha  Libya between forces of The Green Resistance and The So-Called National Transitional Council. The Struggle in Libya is going to be Long and Protracted but in The end victory shall go to The Revolutionary Afro-Arabian Masses of The Great Socialist Peoples Libyan Arab  Jamahiriya.


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