From Benghazi In The East to Tripoli in The West to Fezzan in The South The Libyan Green Resistance is Alive and Well

The  Libyan Green Resistance is Alive and Well from The City of Benghazi in The East to  Tripoli in  The West and The deserts of Fezzan in The South The Green flag is still flying high in Libya  though the Great Green Resistance which is Alive and  Well The Patriotic Pan-African Islamic Masses of Libya are determined to liberate their land from  White Western Imperialism and The  Low Down Dirty Rats of The So-called National Transitional Council. and their flag of shame.  there are Armed Action that are being carried out on a daily basis by The Libyan Green Resistance . in all regions and areas of Libya The Zionist controlled Media of The White Western Media has imposed a near total media black out of Armed actions being undertaken by the  Green Resistance since the Battle of Sirte in September. but despite this The Armed patriotic struggle in Libya is still ongoing and is now spilling over into the neighboring Sahel Countries of Africa such as Mail. The Pan Islamic Working Class the Pan-African World Community and all the various communities and factions of The Lost Found Nation of Islam who follow and believe in The Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad  and all of The True  Anti-Imperialist  and Anti-Zionist Masses of The World must continued to stand with The Patriotic Pan-African and Islamic Resistance of Libya has it continues to liberate  Libya from the clutches of White World Imperialism and Global Zionism. The Battle to Liberate Green Libya is going to be long bloody and protracted but in The End Victory is going to go to and will belong to The Socialist Green Patriotic Masses who believe in The Third Universal Theory of Brother Leader Muammar Gaddafi The Great Revolutionary Forerunner and Forefather of  Proletarian Islam.


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