New Green Resistance Uprising in Tripoil Libya

Over The weekend a Fresh New uprising against The Rats of The So-called National Transitional Council   has broken out in The Islamic Working Class neighborhood of Tripoli Libya know as Abu Salim. The Proletarian Working Class Masses of Abu Salim are fanatically devoted to The ideology of Islamic Socialism and The Green  Ideas of The Great Socialist People s Libyan Arab Jamahiriya The Masses of Abu Salim have never accepted The NTC and  NATO Conquest and occupation  of their  beloved Home City of Tripoli Libya  the Islamic Working Class has fought The NTC and NATO tooth and nail from within Tripoli since late August of 2011 when The NTC  and NATO first stormed into the city. The Resistance of The Islamic Working Class Masses of Abu Salim has continues to this very day and it is not going to let up until The City of Tripoli has been liberated and cleansed of The Rebel Rats filth of The so-called NTC.  The NTC had sent in rebel brigades  from The City of Zintan Libya. to hold down and occupy Abu Salim. and this has only made The Islamic Working Class of Abu Salim even ever more determined to  drive The Nato backed rats of The  So-Called NTC out of Tripoli and  this is going to happen sooner or late. as The NTC has a very formidable foe in The Person of The Islamic Working Class Masses of Abu-Salim.  and The Islamic Working Class is the most radical and Patriotic Class within The Whole of The Pan Islamic Homeland which stretches from Central Africa to Indonesia and beyond The Islamic Working Class of Abu Salim is well on its way to being a Vanguard force on the ground  within Libya that is    capable of totally liberating Tripoli and The Rest of Libya from The evil Pro- Imperialist forces of The So-Called National Transitional Council


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