The Spirit of The Great Socialist Libyan Jamahiriya Still Lives in Tripoli

The  Great Socialist ideas of green Libya still live in  the Masses of Tripoli and the might of the NATO The Arab league and their Libyan puppets can not break the spirit of The Socialist Masses of Tripoli who were bought up on the revolutionary ideas of  Socialism and The Third Universal Theory the rebels of the so-called Transitional national council  may have entered Tripoli but they are living in fear of there lives every single day that they are day as they live in constant fear of the wrath of the  Socialist masses of Tripoli who are still loyal to the great ideas of Bro Muammar Gaddafi and Socialism  and The Masses of Tripoli along with the rest of the Patriotic and Revolutionary masses of Libya will drive NATO  The Arab League and their Libyan  allies out of Tripoli. in a series of moves that will destroy  The Transitional National council and the NATO And Arab League presence in Libya


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