Khamis Gaddafi is Alive and Well and is Leading and Fighting at The Front For The Freedom of Libya and All of Africa

Bro Khamis Gaddafi  is Alive and Well and he is at this Hour fighting  on The frontlines in Libya against The NATO and Arab League forces that have invaded Libya  The Rebels of The So called  transitional national council and their White western masters are trying hard to kill the Revolutionary Spirits  of The Libyan People by spreading  a foul lie that Bro Khamis Gaddafi  has been killed and is dead this is a bold-faced lie on the part of NATO and The Libyan Rebels has Bro Khamis Gaddafi along with  his  Great father and Brothers   are leading a heroic fight on the ground in Libya. in fact yesterday which  was a very good day for Bro Khamis  Gaddafi as he  and the forces under his command scored several important victories  against the NATO and Arab league   forces  by inflicting casualites and taken several prisoners in the course of The Day and Today will bring even greater successes and victories for Bro Khamis Gaddafi and The forces under his command.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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