The Battle of Tripoli Libya Rages On

Ever since the Libyan rebels of the transitional national council stormed into Tripoli Libya the capital of Green Libya the masses of  Green Tripoli have put  up a heroic  and noble resistance against the invading NATO and Arab League  forces and their Libyan puppets the masses of Tripoli are determined to not let their city be polluted by the filth of the invaders and they are now in he eighth day of resistance. The western and  Neo colonist press has tried to seal off the city to gave the false impression that   there ia no longer any resistance within the city but this is a lie as The resistance within Tripoli has not let up  and it will not let up as The masses of Tripoli are determined to remain free from re colonization from White World Imperialism this is a glorious and epic battle for the freedom and independence of Libya and all of Africa. and this fight will continue until  NATO and its allies are crushed and expelled for Islamic Socialist  Green Libya.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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