Pro Gaddafi Forces of The Libyan Jamahiriya Launch Counter Attack in Ragdaline Libya

Pro Gaddafi forces of The Libyan Jamahiriya have launch a counter attack against advancing  forces of The  illegitimate Transitional National Council in the town of Ragdaline Libya in Western Libya  as they tried  to attack the town The Libyan rebel forces were driven back by the Libyan Masses  of   Ragdaline  this comes at a time when the lying pro western media is saying that the Libyan Rebels have control over the whole of Libya  which is not true as The Libyan Masses under The Leadership of Bro Muaamar Gaddafi  continue to fight and rest The invading NATO forces and their Libyan Allies  Resistance is  being carried out at this  very moment in Tripoli The capital which is still not under Rebel control and  in Bro Gaddafi’s birth city of Sirte Libya.  The city of Sebha in The South of Libya and  elsewhere The masses of The Great Socialist Libyan Jamahiriya will not rest  nor lay down their noble Patriotic Resistance until  the Whole of Libya is free and liberated from NATO and their Libyan puppets The Libyan Resistance will surely be Victorious .

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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