On This Holy Night of Power Layat Al-Qadr The 27th of Ramadan Allah And The Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah is with Bro Muammar Gaddafi and all of The Islamic Socialist Mujahid under his Leadership

 On this the Holy Night of Power Allah and The Spirit of The Holy Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah[PBUH[ is with Bro Muammar Gaddafi and all the heroic Islamic Socialist Mujahid  under his Noble Leadership. as like Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah Bro Muammar Gaddafi  is the leader of an Islamic Socialist State  The Great Socialist Libyan Jamahiriya and has struggled throughout his life to create an Islamic Socialist Society with complete equity and  Islamic Social  Justice for the popular  masses of the Muslims this  27 of Ramadan come at a time when also like the Prophet Muhammad Bro Muammar Gaddafi is waging a heroic Peoples War and Holy Jihad to defend Islamic Socialist Libya and its independence form from the evil forces of NATO and White Imperialism who wish to recolonize Libya and all of Africa Bro Muammar Gaddafi and the Libyan Masses under his noble and great leadership   is determined to not let this happen. Prophet Muhammad[PBUH[ waged a heroic Peoples War and Noble Jihad to against the Makkah ruling class for a period of 10 years and now Bro Muammar Gaddafi will follow  The Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah[PBUH[ and wage a simar Islamic Socialist Peoples War and Jihad for the Independence of Libya Africa and The Pan Original Black Brown Red Yellow Non White World and all   of the oppressed Peoples and Nations of The World. from the evil forces of NATO and White World Imperialism and Global Zionism. Almighty Allah is with Bro Muammar Gaddafi and like Prophet Muhammad Ibn Abdullah[PBUH[ he will be Victorious in this great battle and fight for the independence of Libya and all of Africa.


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