Brother Saif Al-Islam Gaddafi is a True Lion of The Desert like Omar Mukhtar and a Great Hero and Mujahid of Islamic Socialism and Proletarian Islam

Brother Saif Al-Islam has turned up alive and well  at the Rixos hotel in Tripoli Libya  and is  playing a leading role in the defence of  Tripoli  from The US and Nato backed forces of the  Transitional National Council every  since the rebel entered the city of Tripoli they have been spinning the bold-faced lie that Bro Saif AL-Islam  had been captured by them  during their assault on Tripoli  though all reports from Revolutionary sources within  Libya contradicted this  and stated that Brother Saif  Gaddafi was not in captivity but rather at The front leading the defence of Tripoli along with his Brothers  and Father and the rest of The Revolutionary Libyan Masses. all of these false rumors about Bro Saif Gaddafi where all put to rest and shattered when on the early morning of august 23 Bro Saif Gaddafi was spotted at the hotel Rixos in Tripoli by several Western Journalists including  Cnns Matthew Chance and The Independent Journalist Lizzie Phelan  Brother Saif is a true Libyan patriot Pan-African Nationalist and a great defender of The Pan Islamic Homeland he is willing to fight to the end and beyond to protect the honor glory and independence of Libya  Africa and The  Pan Islamic Homeland in this he is like The Great Libyan Patriot Omar Mukhtar and many other great Pan-African Patriots and Nationalists  Brother Saif Gaddafi is a modern-day Omar Mukhtar and he is preparing to deal  NATO and their puppets in Libya.  a devastating blow that they will never be ale to recover from.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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