Statement on the 85th Anniversary of The Birth of Comrade Fidel Castro Great Forefather of Proletarian Islam Let us be Moors

Today August 13th is The 85th Anniversary of The Birth of Comrade Fidel Castro The Great Revolutionary Hero of Latin America Africa and the Non-White Pan  Original World and The Socialist Camp on this occasion The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and The Proletarian  Islamic Camp and all Proletarian Muslim send our heartfelt greetings to  Comrade Fidel Castro on this great day. Comrade Fidel Castro  achievements and successes are many his greatest accomplishments is perhaps being The only Revolutionary Leader in The History of North America to carry out a succesful Socialist revolution  and seizes State power by overthrowing the corrupt Regime of Fulgencio Batista Cuba   then building Cuba into a shining base area of The World Proletarian Revolution while staring down The evil might of US  imperialism which is a little   lees then 90 miles from Socialist  Cuba. all during this time Comrade Fidel Castro has supported and back Revolutionary Governments and movements throughout Latino America and The  Non-White  Original World. Comrade Fidel Castro is a great Pan Africanist who played a major role in breaking The back of Portuguese and Anglo Boer Setter Colonialism in Southern Africa, with his support for  The Peoples Movement for the libration of Angola  MPLA  and The African National Congress ANC  in North America Comrade Fidel Castro  has been a great supporter of The New Afrikan Black Nation. such as his support for The Nation of Islam under The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad administer Malcolm X Robert F Williams and The Monroe North Carolina Branch of The National Association for The advancement of Colored People The NAACP  Kwame Ture Stockey Carmichael and The Student Non-Violent-Coordinating- Committee   and Comrade Huey P Newton and The Original Black Panther Party.   during this time The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad would refer to The Cuban Revolution as an example for The Oppressed Black Nation  within The  borders of The US to follow and emulate  and create an Independent  Black State  on The mainland of North America.  Comrade Fidel Castro also built a  Revolutionary bridge between the Pan Latino Revolution in Latin America and the National Libration struggles of The Islamic Ummah with his support for The Islamic Socialist States  of  Iraq and Syria in the October War of 1973 Comrade Fidel Castro and Socialist Cuba sent Troops and military equipment to support The Arab and Islamic Nation in its battle against The Zionist entity Israel during that war   and he has also been a  great advocate of The islamic Revolution in Iran and The Blessed Islamic Republic of Iran. Comrade Fidel Castro has a great respect for Islam and its Revolutionary Role  that it plays in The World.   Comrade Fidel Castro  Support for The National Libration of The Islamic Homeland  is guided by and influenced by The Thought of The great Apostle of The Cuban Nation Jose Marti who was also aware of  Cuba and The Latino World  Historical and Culture Connection to The Moors and who proclaimed in one of his essays  in support of the National libration struggle in North Africa let us all be  Moors  this was one of Comrade Fidel Castro’s  greatest Geopolitical moves in his long life and Revolutionary career. linking Cuba and Latin America with The Arab Moorish and Islamic World as The identity and culture of Cuba and Latin America as a whole was originally Moorish   Arab and  Islamic.  as Christianity was forcible imposed on The Moorish People of Spain. for these and many other acts Comrade Fidel Castro deserves to be honored and celebrated on this great day The 85th Anniversary of his great Birth  We in The International Pan  Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and all of our mass organizations celebrate and   honor Comrade Fidel Castro on this day and date and we call upon The Non-White Pan Original Black Brown Red Yellow and Islamic Masses and all genuine Anti Imperialist forces and individuals  to do the same and honor and salute Comrade Fidel Castro on this day.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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