The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on The London Police Murder of Mark Duggan

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam condemns The Murder of Mark Duggan by officers of the London Metropolitan Police Service  and we are with the  oppressed  Pan Original and Islamic Working class masses of Tottenham and the other oppressed  Working class communities in England and The UK   as they take to the streets in righteous rage and indignation   against the  British capitalist and imperialist system. the brutal murder of Bro Mark Duggan shows once again that The forces of White power imperialism and The White racist ruling class are impossible to coexist and live with in peace.  the family of Brother Mark Duggan must have justice  and the murderers of  Bro Mark Duggan must be bought to justice the only way this can be bought about is bt the complete overthrow and Destruction  of the White British Anglo State. and a new Socialist Order put in place in the british isles.   Black Power and Proletarian Islam is the war forward in Britian as  Kwame Nkrumah pointed out in  his article The Spectre of Black Power Black Power is  the banner that will push and rally the The oppressed Masses within the Western imperialist countries such as  Britain France and The United States. The Great Black Arab and African Nationalist Malcolm X pointed out  that The African Diaspora in Britain france The United States was the great threat to the global white power structure  the present Black Proletarian Rebellion in Tottenham and the rest of England only  confirms the two  Revolutionary Thesis of both Dr  Kwame Nkrumah and Malcolm X  that the Black Working class in the Western imperialist countries is the  vanguard of Revolution in these countries. Riots will not bring down British imperialism only a Vanguard   Pan Original Communist Party comprised of the Black Brown Red Yellow and Islamic Masses can bring down and overthrow British Imperialism and bring about a new Black Power Islamic  Socialist and Pan Original Social order in Britain.  in addition the oppressed Celtic Nations of Cornwall Ireland Scotland and Wales can and will be able to win their own libration through an alliance with the Black Brown Red Yellow Pan Original Non-   masses of the British  Isles. in the battles and struggles ahead The Islamic Working Class  has a major role   to play  in the struggle to destroy British imperialism from within. in this struggle each and every Islamic ethnic Group and Nationality within the UK  wherever Arab Pakistani Caribbean Afghani  Nigerian Iranians  Bangladeshis Somalian Turkish Albanian and the White British Converts  all have  part to play in this  struggle to bring down British imperialism. which is an old and ancient enemy of The Pan Islamic Ummmh. The key tasks of the Islamic Working  class  in Britain is to unite with the African and Caribbean masses and the other oppressed Non-White Original Masses along with the oppressed Celtic Nations of The British Isles in order to create the widest possible united front and coalition in order to order to overthrow the White Racist Anglo- Saxon British ruling class in The British and in the process destroy British Imperialism abroad. and user in the era of The Socialist Dictatorship  of the  Pan Original Islamic and Celtic masses over the reactionary Anglo British ruling  classes.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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