The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on The 60th Anniversary of The Start of The Great Fatherland Liberation War in Korea.

June 24th is the 60th anniversary of the start of the great Fatherland liberation War in Korea.  which broke out when the forces of the South Korean Us back puppet government under Syngman Rhee. invaded the Democratic Republic of Korea in the North under the Leadership of Great Leader Kim IL Sung. for the past several years up to June of 1950 the  Korean Revolution and Government of Comrade Kim IL Sung had been under constant  military attack from the  forces of the US backed puppet government of Syngman Rhee. the Korean Nation and People fought bravely and courageously and were able to beat back the forces of US imperialism and its international coalition of Allies in the course of the Great Fatherland Liberation war. Socialist China which was then under the Revolutionary Leadership of Chairman Mao Zedong. and the Then Socialist Soviet Union under the leadership of Comrade JV Stalin.  would come to the aid of the Korean Nation and the Peoples  Republic of China sent Volunteers of the Chinese Peoples liberation Army and the Soviet Union sent military equipment and Air Force pilots of the Soviet Air Force to aid Korea. together the combined forces of the Soviet Union The Peoples Republic of  China and the Democratic Republic of Korea were able to  infect a smashing defeat on the forces of Western imperialism in mainland Asia and preserve the Independence of the Democratic Republic of Korea. the coming together of the Chinese Korean and Soviet Peoples was a great act of Pan Asian and Pan Original World Nationalism and  Proletarian Internationalism.  The  Great Fatherland libration War ended in Victory for the Great Pan Asiatic Socialist camp  and defeat for US imperialism and its lackeys.  the victory of the Pan Asian Socialist camp of the Democratic Republic of Korea  Socialist China and the Soviet Union in the Great Fatherland libration. was a great Victory of the Asiatic and Pan Original over the forces of Us and Western imperialism   it also was the frist major military defeat of  US imperialism in modern times. on the 60th Anniversary of the Start of the  Great Korean Fatherland Liberation War. The Leadership and carde of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam  remembers and salutes the great victory of Asia and the Pan Original World as a whole in the Great Fatherland Liberation War.  on this the 6oth  Anniversary of the start of the Great Korean Fatherland Liberation War.

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