The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on The Passage of The Recent Anti-Immigration Bill in Arizona.

 The Central Committee cards as well as all supporters of The International Pan Islamic Communist Part of Proletarian Islam condemns in the strongest terms the Recent anti-immigration Bill passed into Law by the Arizona State legislative. and we call for its immediate repealing and the National Liberation of Arizona. and all of the US Southwest. and all other areas of the United States. that have historically been the Homeland of the  Mexicano People which is known as Aztlan.  the wicked White ruling class of North America. are fearful of the rise of the Pan Original Black Brown Red and Yellow Masses. of North America and the World. so they have passed this wicked act of Legislation in Arizona that will subject the Chicano Mexicanos as well as  all Latinos in Arizona. to Apartheid and Jim Crow like terror and oppression within the State of Arizona.  the White Zionist Ruling Class  in an attempt to pacify the Black Brown Red and Yellow Pan Original Masses the white Zionist ruling class of the United States.  have given  the Pan Original masses  the  presidency of Barrack Obama but as show by the recent passage of the anti-immigration bill in Arizona Obama is certainly not the change that the Black Brown Red and Yellow Pan Original Masses in North American can believe in the only change that the Chicano and Mexicanos Masses as well as all other Original Peoples can believe in is the path of Armed struggle and the universal overthrow of White World imperialism and World Zionism the Chicano and Mexicanos People have a rich revolutionary heritage  with such great  anti-imperialist figures such as Jose Maria Morelos Vincent Guerrero Pancho Villa  Emiliano Zapata  in addition the Chicano and Mexicanos masses. have a rich Islamic heritage from Moorish Spain,  that they must now reclaim and relearn  Many Great Pan Islamic and Pan Original revolutionaries such as Noble Drew Ali The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad Malcom X  Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad and Abdullah Muhammad have  help the Chicano and Mexicano Masses. relearn this glorious heritage and legacy. the time has now came from the  Chicano and Mexicanos masses to wage a National libration struggle. to liberate the Southwest. which is the Historic National territory of Aztlan. and reunite it with the rest of Historic Aztlan to the  north south east and west of Arizona.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be Contacted  at


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