The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on Victory Week.

 The Central Committee of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam has declared the frist week of May to Be Victory Week  to commemorate the 65th anniversary of the Victory of the Asiatic Soviet Union over the forces of National Socialist Germany the victory of the Soviet Union over National Socialist Germany opened up the Space for the victory of the Great Revolutions  in the Pan  Original World in places such as China Korea Vietnam Cuba Laos Ghana Guinea Somalia  as well as in Eastern Germany and other areas of Eastern Europe among many other places The  Slavic Masses within the Soviet Union had at that time in history embraced their Asiatic and Original character and were marching with the Original Peoples of Africa Asia Latin American as well as within the oppressed Nations within the United States and Canada in the struggle against Western colonialism and imperialism  Muslims Played a key role in the founding of the Soviet Union during the time of Sultan Galiev and the early Muslim National Communists who were members of the Bolshevik Party the Pan  Islamic Working Class and popular classes of the old Russian Empire were the decisive factor in the victory of the Bolshevik Party during the Soviet Revolution Adolf  Hitler filled with hatred for  the Asiatic Slavic Masses Invaded the Great Soviet Union  during Operation Barbarossa therefore playing into the hands of the Western imperialist States who wanted National Socialist Germany and the Soviet Union to destroy each other in the process Adolf Hitler fell for the trap and invaded the Soviet Union  on June 21 1941 and the Soviet Nation under Comrade JV Stalin  waged a heroic and valiant Peoples War of Libration against the invading Axis Power which  in 4 years time resulted in  the expulsion of the invaders and the victory of the Soviet Union   we in the Party are thankful to Allah for the Leadership of Comrade JV Stalin and the Great Leadership of the  Soviet Party and Army that defeated National Socialist Germany under Adolf Hitler and we call for all Party Carde as well as all friends and Supporters of the  International Pan Islamic Communist Party to join us in celebrating this great historical event.


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