The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on the 65th Anniversary of the End of The Battle of Berlin.

May 2th is the  65th anniversary of the  end of the Battle of Berlin which ended in  a smashing victory for the Soviet Red Army and the defeat of National Socialist Germany the victory of the Soviet Union in the battle of Berlin was  the Victory of Asia over Europe as Pointed out by the Great Spiritual Father of Proletarian Minster Malcolm X  Comrade JV Stalin was an Original man  who came from Islamic civilization and culture by way of Georgia and Ossetia both countries  being  part of the Pan  Iranian World which itself is a component of Islamic civilization in addition Georgia was a part of the Arab Islamic Caliphate for several hundreds years  the Soviet Union  then led by Comrade JV Stalin who  was a great forerunner of Proletarian Islam  which is the ideology of our Party Comrade JV Stalin   built the Soviet Union into the worlds frist modern Socialist State under the control of the Working Class  after   being betrayed by Adolf Hitler Comrade Stalin rallied the Asiatic original and Half original   Masses  of the Soviet Union   in a heroic Peoples War against the German Invaders from the West and  by 1945 the Asiatic Soviet Union had  emerged triumphant over National Socialist Germany and had spread Socialism to several other Nations in the process  including the eastern half of Germany itself which went on to become the German Democratic Republic or East Germany as it became know as in the west we in The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam will alway uphold and celebrate the Great Victory of the Asiatic Soviet Union in the Great Patriotic War and  the Great Leadership of Comrade JV Stalin Great Asiatic Warlord and forerunner of Proletarian Islam.

Comtact Information for The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam


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