The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam May Day Statement.

   The Central Committee and cardre of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam salutes the Pan Islamic Working Class  and the International Working Class as a whole  on  this glorious frist of May the day of the International Working Class in our time the working class is primary made up of the Black Brown  Red and Yellow Original  Masses of Africa Asia and Latin America.  and the Oppressed Original Nations Peoples of New Afrika Aztlan Puerto Rico and the  Frist Nations of the Indigenous Red Masses within the borders of the United States and Canada. as well as the Pan Islamic Working Class within the Pan Islamic Ummah and Homeland. this May  Day cames at a very crucial and sad time in the History of our Islamic Homeland  Afghanistan and Iraq remain occupied by the American military. Palestine remains under Zionist occupation.  in the forefront  of which is resisting Gaza which is the  liberated base area of Palestine under Hamas.  Somalia is facing off with imperialism.   Iran is under threat of attack from the forces of Us imperialism and the Zionist entity.  Pakistan is also under theat from the imperialists and  Zionists.  in  North America the Black Nation remains oppressed despite the election of the frist Black President Barack Obama who is nothing more then a flunky for White imperialism and World Zionism the only solution for the New Afrikan Black Masses is to follow the revolutionary path of the Great Black Islamic revolutionaries Malcom X and Dr Khalid Abdul Muhammad  and take up the gun and  wage a National Liberation struggle. to liberate the Black Islamic Homeland in North America. which extends from Eastern Texas to New Jersey and Parts of the American Midwest.  in occupied Aztlan the White setter colonialists in Arizona have  just passed an immigration reform bill which is subjugating the Latino and Original Masses to Apartheid like terror. like in the New Afrkan Black Nation the Masses of occupied Aztlan must take up armed struggle and liberate their land. which extends from Wyoming in the north to  up to and including Mexico in the south. to  Texas in the East and California in the West. throughout Our glorious Islamic Ummah and Homeland armed struggle is the way forward to liberate the Pan Islamic Homeland and People.  the Arab Nation is one and should not be  divided into over 20 some odd States.  they should and must be United into one Pan-Arab  National State. the Pan-Arab Islamic Working class must take the lead in the struggle to liberate and reunify the Pan-Arab Homeland into one Nation State under Proletarian Islam. thereby fulfilling the work of such great Arab Nationalists such as Zaki Al-Arsuzi Michel Aflaq Gamal Abdul Nasser Hafiz Al-Assad and Saddam Hussein. in  Sudan the imperialists and Zionists are trying to fragment Sudan by encouraging the southern part of the country to breakaway and from its own state this is a plot against Pan Africanism Pan Arabism as well as Pan Islamism. the imperialists and Zionists are trying to split Africa up into  multiple Christian and Muslim minstates in order to destroy and  undermine  the Pan Africanist vision of Duse Muhammad Ali Marcus Garvey W E B Dubois Gamal Abdul Nasser Kwame Nkrumah Ahmed Sekou Toure and Siad Barre of Somalia. the imperialists and Zionists must not be allowed to succeeded in this Plan what is needed now more than ever in Africa is an All African all Islamic Proletarian Islamic Peoples War.  from Cairo to Cape Town in order to overthrow the forces of imperialism Zionism and Neo-colonialism.  and from a United  Africa under a Proletarian Islamic Government.  the  Great Turkish Nation which is the guardian Nation of  the Islamic Ummah.  must be reunified as well into one Nation. the recent events in Kyrgyzstan show that the imperialists and Zionist fear the rise of the Pan Turkish Nation and World what is needed is for  the various Turkish Peoples to unite into one nation-state and from  the  Great Pan Turkish State of Turan under the banner and ideology of Proletarian Islam.  as in the Arab Nation the Pan Turkish Islamic Working Class must take the vanguard role in the struggle to reunify the Great Pan Turkish Nation into one Pan Turkish Proletarian Islamic  State though armed struggle. in essence the path of armed struggle and resistance must become the order of the day in our Pan Islamic Homeland which extends from West Africa to Indonesia in order to create one Pan Islamic Socialist  State  guided by the ideology of Proletarian Islam.

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