The Black Proletarian Islamic Revolution Marches Forward By Comrade Ali Shahbazz.

The Pan Islamic Proletarian Islamic Revolution is worldwide in scope where ever you find Islam and Muslims there will  you find the Islamic Nation.  The New Afrikan Black Nation of North Amerika  is an integral part of the Pan Islamic Nation. the New Afrikan Black Nation which extends from the borders of  Eastern Texas to Northeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey  and which also covers  areas of the Midwest. The New Afrikan Black Nation is an  integral part of the Pan Islamic and Original   Nation . the  soil and National Territory of  the New Afrikan Black Nation   is an integral Part of the soil and Territory of the Pan Islamic Nation which extends from West Africa to Indonesia.  thereby making the Black Revolution  in North Amerika.  an  Integral part of the  worldwide Pan  Islamic Revolution for the liberation and reunification of the Pan Islamic Homeland.  the  national  liberation struggle of the Black Nation must now move forward. the great forerunner of Proletarian Islam.  EL- Hajj Malik Shabazz  also know as Malcolm X.  pointed out more then 45 years ago  that  the Black liberation Struggle in North America is a struggle for Land and Independence into a Nation of  their own.  he taught   that is was high time for  the Black Nation to learn from the great  Islamic Socialist Revolutions in Algeria and Egypt under the two forerunners of Proletarian Islam Ahmed Ben  Bella and Gamal Abdul Nasser. and  waged its own armed struggle for National Independence and Islamic  Socialism. what  El-Hajj Malik Shabazz Malcolm X  pointed out to the Black Nation in regards to National liberation  was true in his time and it most certainly is still true in  our era and time the era of Proletarian Islam.  one of the  central tasks of the International Pan Islamic Proletarian Islamic  Revolution in North America is the development of  an Black Proletarian Islamic Socialist  Revolution for land and Independence. from the United States and the creation of an  Independent Black Islamic Proletarian Islamic  Socialist  Nation in North America under the rule of the Pan Islamic Black Working Class.

The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam can be contacted at


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