The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on the Battle of Dantewada District .

The Central Committee and Carde of the International Pan Islamic  Communist Party of Proletarian Islam congratulates and salutes the cadres fighters  and Leadership of the Communist Party of India Maoist and the  military wing  of the Party the Peoples Liberation Guerrila Army on its  recent miliary victory in  the Battle of Dantewada District  over the forces of the Indian Comprador State the  Comprador Indian Government  foolish thought that it could crush the Peoples  resistance  in Chhattisgarh with its Operation Green Hunt. but they were mistaken and as a result they have lost over 76 solders  from their police forces in the Battle of Dantewada District  the battle of Dantewada District was a great victory for the Indian and South Asian Working class  it is also a great  victory for  the Pan Islamic  and Pan Original Working Class  of the world as a whole, Comrade  General Secretary Ganapathy is a Great friend to the Pan Islamic Ummah.  Comrade Ganapathy has called for a united front of the Indian New Democratic Revolution with the  worldwide  Pan Islamic Revolution for the reunification  of the Pan Islamic Homeland.  the  Central Committee as well as all Carde of the International Communist Party of Proletarian Islam consider Comrade Ganapathy to  be a  great hero of Proletarian Islam The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam looks forward to the complete and final victory of the New Democratic Revolution in  India  under the leadership of the Communist Party of India Maoist.


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