The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Statement on 65th Anniversary of the Battle of Berlin

Statement from the Central Committee of the Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam on the upcoming 65th anniversary of the Battle of Berlin we are fast  approaching the 65th anniversary of the Battle of Berlin and the liberation of Germany and the Eurasian Land mass from the savagery of German imperialism under Adolf Hitler  the victory of the Soviet Union was a victory of  Asia over Europe for  27 years before  the Soviet Union  than know as the Russian Empire embraced its Asiatic original identity under the Great Leaders VI Lenin and JV Stalin  both of who  came from Islamic Civilization and Culture Lenin was of Muslim Decent from the Islamic Mongols and Comrade Joseph Stalin  was from Georgia in the Caucasus mountains  which is also a part of  Islamic civilization being that the culture of Georgia has  long been influenced by Arab Iranian  cultural influences throughout its long  history along with VI  Lenin and JV Stalin as leaders  of the Soviet Revolution were  Nariman Narimanov and his great student Mirza Sultan Galiev who were two of the main leaders of the Islamic Nationalist wing of the Bolshevik  Party leaders such as JV Stalin Narman Narimanov and Mirza Sultan Galiev   turned the tide in the Russian Revolution by rallying the Muslim border peoples of the old Russian Empire to the Bolshevik Party if not for this support the Soviet Revolution would not have been succesful and there would have been no Soviet Union Muslims were a key component of the  early Red Army which was able to go on and defeat the counter-revolutionary White Army Muslims were something like 60 percent of the Red Army that  fought in the eastern front of the Soviet Revolution in Siberia that defeated Admiral Kolchak  the Islamic Working class played a major and key role in the establishment of the Soviet Union so  the Islamic Working Class should always uphold the legacy of the Soviet Union of VI Lenin and JV Stalin as we now came to the 65th  anniversary of the Battle of Berlin which  ending in an overwhelming  Red Army Victory  over the German imperialism  of  Adolf Hitler which led to the establishment of Socialist Germany  in the eastern half of the county under the leadership of the Socialist Unity Party   we call upon the Pan Islamic and Original Working Class of the World and popular Classes to celebrate and commemorate the victory of the Soviet Red Army in the Great Patriotic War as the History of the Soviet Union of VI Lenin  and  JV Stalin is an inseparable part of the history and heritage of the Islamic Working Class and Nation.


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