Central Committe of The International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam Official Party Resolution Declaring The Month of April Saddam Hussein Appreciation Month

The  Central Committee of the International Communist Party of Proletarian Islam has just passed a resolution  declaring the month of april to be Saddam Hussein appreciation month within the International Communist Party of Proletarian Islam and throughout the Proletarian Islamic World and camp we   the Central committee of the International  Pan Islamic Communist Party of Party calls upon the entire Islamic Ummah and Islamic working class to  observe Saddam Hussein Appreciation month this year 2010 is the  73th anniversary of the birth of Comrade Saddam Hussein  Shaheed Saddam Hussein was a great revolutionary forerunner of Proletarian Islam  which is the ideology of our Party the Saddam Hussein was  a loyal  student of the great Michel Aflaq who also was a great forerunner of Proletarian Islam and a founder of the ideology of Baathism Saddam Hussein Shaheed   lived and worked all of his life for the reunification and National Liberation of the Pan-Arab Homeland from the forces of Western imperialism Zionism and  Arab and Iranian reaction Shaheed Saddam Hussein contributed much to the ideology and Philosophy   of Proletarian Islam from the very early days of the  Proletarian Islam in the early 1990s    the  International Pan Islamic  Communist Party of Proletarian Islam will always uphold and defend the  revolutionary Life Work and Legacy of  President Saddam Hussein Shaheed the eternal president of Iraq  and we call upon the whole of the  Arab and Islamic Nation as well as all Original people worldwide  to  observe  the month of April as Saddam Hussein Appreciation Month and forever revere the life legacy  and  memory of Comrade  President Saddam Hussein Shaheed the eternal president of Iraq and great forerunner and hero of Proletarian Islam and the Arab  Islamic and Original Nation as a whole.


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