Official Statement from the Central Commttee of the International Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam on VI Lenin Appreciation Month

The Central Committee of the International Communist Party of Proletarian Islam for the past several years  has declared the month of April to be Vl Lenin Appreciation Month within the ranks of the International  Pan Islamic Communist Party and among the Proletarian Muslims worldwide. the ideological contributions of Vladimir Illich Lenin must never be negated or  forgotten. or the  Pan Islamic and Original Working Class and the international Working class will be ideologically and spiritually disarmed in the face of the class war against  international capitalism. with Comrade Lenin is the beginning of the Asianization and Originalization  of Marxism. that later led to the rise of such great Communist thinkers such as Sultan Galiev JV Stalin Mao Zedong Kim Sung Kwame Nkrumah and other great original and Non-White Revolutionary Communist leaders and thinkers from the original non white World. it was Lenin who was responsable for the formation of the Great Soviet Union and caused the Russian nation to march with the original non White peoples of the world  in the struggle against imperialism  Lenin was a great friend of the Pan Islamic Ummah during  the last years of his life Comrade Lenin  became a great supporter of  Pan Islamism and he gave space for the great forerunner of Proletarian Islam Sultan Galiev and the other Muslim National Communist  that were members of the Bolshevik Party to advocate their views on Islamic National Communism within the Bolshevik Party and  early Soviet Government.    under Comrade Lenin The Bolshevik Party   and  the Soviet Government also  provided aid to  the early National Libration struggles in the Pan Islamic Homeland such as in Afghanistan  the Arab Homeland India Iran Turkey and other areas of  the Pan Islamic Homeland.   Comrade Lenin and the ideological contributions of Leninism must never be forgotten nor negated. the International  Pan Islamic Communist Party of Proletarian Islam will forever honor revere and uphold the historical and ideological contributions of  Comrade VI Lenin.  we call upon the Pan Islamic and Pan Original Working class and the Proletarian Islamic Camp of the world to observe the Month of April as VI Lenin Appreciation Month.


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